Botswana Tourism  
Botswana Tourism

Botswana Tourism Organisation (Botswana Tourism/BTO) is a parastatal corporate body established through the Botswana Tourism Organisation Act of 2009 to:

  • Plan, develop and implement tourism marketing and promotion strategies for Botswana;
  • Determine and advice Government on policies as well as implement such policies;
  • Establish and expand local and international travel trade networks;
  • Manage and coordinate Botswana tourism promotional and publicity programmes;
  • Provide market research information and market intelligence;
  • Grading and classification of tourist accommodation facilities;
  • Promote and improve industry standards;
  • Conduct tourism awareness campaigns in and outside the country;
  • Develop and improve existing tourism opportunities and diversify the sector into other forms of tourism; and
  • Market and promote the establishment of joint tourism business ventures between citizens and foreign investors.
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